Quintet24 – absolute showroom

Pre- and post orders cause high costs for staff in terms of travel, samples and elaborate showrooms.
Since buyers do not necessarily check in on a monthly basis, there are often waiting times between the creation of a line and ordering. Now there is a better and faster way. We have found a way to also make online orders work, digitally and without loss of quality, generating enormous saving potential and less paperwork, thanks to faster goods.

Quintet24 – more than a digital sales tool

Quintet24 is an intelligent portal that connects buyers and suppliers, retailers and manufacturers. All data are mandatorily only visible by authorised buyers. The buyer sees the latest range on offer and wanders around as if at a fair – from shop window to shop window. He sees the details when he enters the digital booth of the respective manufacturer. Quintet24 offers optimal transparency and the best possible security against unauthorised use. All offers are digitally and fully illustrated with a story, marketing, technology and description, as well as with selected fashion shows and action presentations. The showroom also couldn’t be better. Look forward to a show on the web.

Around the clock

Available 24 hours worldwide,
faster workflow from design to the counter

Smart workbooks

Ordering per click directly
from the catalogue – quick and easy, worldwide

Easy data integration

Pictures, texts, films –
complete stories from the marketing, without interfaces

Limitplanning per click

For sales control and order clarity

Quintet24 – how it works

Ordering with digital workbooks in the quintet24 portal works like a showroom or a trade show, only online.
The function of sample goods and sales staff explanations are taken from the workbook. In the trend overview, the buyer sees all his suppliers’ possible purchase lines. He has no access to outside suppliers. He chooses a pre-order or post-order line and leafs through a digital catalogue, from which he can drag products into his order bar and enter quantities.

For the post-order, he can also make selections for the desired goods according to product groups and price ranges. Again, he only sees results from his suppliers and cannot compare products. Just like at a fair: he only sees the offer at the exhibition stand. However, post-order goods are always linked with immediately available ranges.
The main focus is on high-selling assortments for immediate orders.

Once a year, the manufacturer and the customer meet to look at new products, set dates and negotiate conditions. Range ordering takes place online, continuously throughout the year. In this way we shorten the time between design and sales, respond more quickly to consumer wishes, always have up-to-date goods in the shop, reduced paperwork, less travel expenses, showrooms or sample goods.

Quintet24 – for retailers

We are looking forward to the online order option for pre-order lines. This will save us considerable costs and we will always receive up-to-date lines.
Roman Pollozek, Shopping Pollozek
We were also impressed by the convenient interfaces and the high-quality visual support for work.
Andreas Hauser, Margarete Steiff GmbH
We were also impressed by the convenient interfaces and the high-quality visual support for work.
Andreas Hauser, Margarete Steiff GmbH

Marketing support & sales aids

We tested online ordering with several manufacturers.

Retailers and manufacturers were delighted with how easy, sensible and hassle-free it is.
If you want to order some lines with sample goods – no problem: You can always arrange an appointment in the showroom for a classic presentation.
You can, but you don’t have to. Our trial customers love the workbooks.

If the goods are delivered, quintet24 will give you a complete description of the delivered goods with marketing support and sales aids. Precisely tailored and individualised for this order.

You can fill your omnichannel tools and your online advertising with it – intelligently, clearly and up-to-date.

Maintain trends for more sales

You know it’s true: Your suppliers are increasingly offering new lines. What with all the showroom and trade fair visits, your purchasing personnel no longer have the time to maintain the goods on the shop floor or to train staff. Quintet24 puts an end to your woes.
You now have an annual appointment with the supplier for news, terms, dates and creative exchange of ideas. Ordering now takes place online. Comfortably, only one monthly range after another. Samples are substituted by expressive catalogues, digital detail images, show movies and product specs. You calmly master the limits and can order closer to the time of delivery and compensate for shortages more quickly. Less product pressure, reduced paperwork, but at the same time constantly setting new accents at the POS.This ensures desirability and margin.

User-friendly data maintenance

Do not worry about the data supply:
You will still receive all the usual data required for your merchandise management.
You don’t have to painstakingly piece together marketing support: everything for a delivery is provided in a workbook, also for download. You will soon receive invitations from your suppliers, then after a one-time registration, you’re all set!

Can’t you find a supplier in the portal? No problem: send a brief mail to our support team or to the supplier’s customer service department.
You can trust the personal service of MobiMedia with this, as well!

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Quintet24 – for brands

MobiMedia – always perfect service.
Jens Petri, Betty Barclay
MobiMedia – always perfect service.
Jens Petri, Betty Barclay
MobiMedia – always perfect service.
Jens Petri, Betty Barclay

Smart digital workbooks

With Quintet 24 the digital workbook becomes your new showroom. You can optimally illustrate the stories about your product with all the available technology. Of course, we train you to design a convincing web show from the workbooks.

Your customers scroll through the offer and can simply drag products into their order board to write them. It couldn’t be simpler.

When the goods are delivered, the individual workbook is available to the dealer as a sales aid for the sales staff and the images from the book can be downloaded for digital trade products.

New collections around the clock

Quintet 24 means monthly topics, lines and capsules – always up to date. Fast goods for all trends – totally uncomplicated.

Finally, continuous collection development – the season comes to an end: publish your monthly highlights, whether for pre-order or post-order in the portal. The orders now arrive quickly, without additional time delays or distribution costs. Only your customers have access to your offer. Proactive evaluation shows you how successful your lines have been. Problems when ordering show up immediately and can be corrected right away by the sales force.

We offer you an online trade fair 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. This also works in mixed mode. Regular customers and main collections can continue to be displayed in analogue form by field staff. Interim lines and export markets can be edited online via the portal.

Fast data integration

Want to integrate your data? No problem, we can resolve that – simply and robustly. Just as you would expect from the MobiMedia personal service. Industry giants trust our solutions, for good reason. You deliver any way you can. We support you!

You receive the orders via EDI. You will receive a one-day training course to create the workbooks. Your customers will then be delighted by an attractive and easy-to-use presentation with strong support when ordering.

Your customer will be informed about the service via a mail invitation and will receive access to your offer after a one-time registration in the portal.

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Quintet24 – pricing

Team of Quintet24

Quintet24 is developed and operated by the market leader for distribution software fashion and sports, the
MobiMedia AG in Pfarrkirchen.

For more than 30 years, MobiMedia has always provided the latest functional and technical solutions and trends on the software market. Our customers enjoy perfect service and intelligent software solutions for optimal sales support.

Our references speak for the quality and continuity of the application.

Our References
SabineHead of Internal Administration
MichaelApplication Developer
MartinHead of Support
AndreaProject Support
FelixHead of Organizational Development
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HelmutApplication Developer
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TheTongApplication Developer
AlexProduct Owner
ReinholdCOO & Project Management
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